Greetings Peace Family,

In the month of October, the leadership of Peace shared that they were accepting the nominations of men and women for the different officer positions and the position of elder at Peace.

The nomination of a woman (Elaine Schwartz) to be elder was given to the leadership.  The leadership prayed over this nomination and felt that she would indeed be more than capable.  Elaine’s duties as elder would be the same as past elders at Peace, except that she would not assist in the distribution of Holy Communion on Sundays (this idea came from Elaine herself as she does not want to draw any attention, but simply serve the spiritual needs of the flock at Peace).

All of the nominations for officers and elders have been posted on the bulletin board in preparation for the annual church meeting on January 26th.  If you should have any question, do not hesitate to contact Todd Muhly (President), Bob Glathar (Elder), Oscar Gutbrod (Elder), Larry Oliver (Deacon and Elder) or me.

May the Lord bless our direction and path in 2014!

In Peace,

Pastor Lucke