ONGOING FORGIVENESS………….It is really hard to release the people who have harmed us.  Have you ever forgiven someone, only to have the bitterness and pain come back again and again?  I can remember being angry toward someone who promised to visit me, but at the last moment changed their plans and cancelled the trip.  I verbally said the words, “I forgive you.”  But………… emotions had a hard time catching up with my words.

We are going to talk about forgiveness this Sunday at Peace.  How important it is to practice not just forgiveness, but ONGOING FORGIVENESS!  Peter once wrestled with the question, “how many times he needed to forgive another.  Peter even had an answer, “Seven times!”  Jesus quickly replied that seventy-seven times were appropriate (Mt. 18:21-22).  In other words, forgive as many times as needed.

Jesus’ answer must have stunned Peter.  Most of the religious authorities taught that three times was enough.  Peter might have thought he was being very generous by doubling that answer and adding one more.

Jesus responded with grace.  For me……………..I am so thankful grace is there for me and for me to extend it to others!

MARRIAGE STRENGTHENING…………….Ken and Mary Himes will present a Tools for Two workshop at Crowfoot Baptist Church (699 Cascade Dr.) in Lebanon on Saturday, October 11th from 8:30 am to 4 pm.  Call the church (541-258-3138) for details and to register.  Also……scholarships are available if needed.

THANK YOU………….Thank you to all who contributed in making Rally Day such a success last Sunday.  We are so blessed!  Be sure to keep our Sunday School teachers and learners in prayer as they begin classes this week.