FULL PERMISSION TO ACT LIKE A CHILD……………..It might stun you if I told you that some of the most successful companies are turning their workplaces into kindergarten friendly places.  Well–be stunned–because it is true.  Companies like Google and 3M have designed their workplaces so that employees can play with toys, take naps, and play video games.  Sounds like my kind of place!!!

These companies do this for an important reason.  Jack Uldrich, a motivational business leader, explains, “When people start to think like a child, they begin to see things from a fresh perspective…………….they learn to step back and view problems, people and things from a completely different point of view.”

Long before Google, 3M and Yahoo, Jesus knew this point all too well.  This Sunday you will hear Jesus’ philosophy from Matthew 18, “Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

There are tremendous advantages to being an adult.  But there are also some significant disadvantages.  Adults often complicate things.  Adults are quick to see that everything is impossible.  Adults get stuck in mental ruts.  Adults all too often lack imagination.

Not children!  This Sunday is Rally Day at Peace–the start of Children’s Sunday School.  It is also a day that we remind ourselves that it is okay and necessary to see things spiritually from a child’s perspective.  God’s love is clear!  All things are possible with God!  Spontaneity rules supreme as a Christ follower!  We can dream!

Note to all–this week’s Pastor’s notes DOES NOT give the adults permission to enter the children’s bounce house on Sunday.  🙂


RALLY DAY SUNDAY………….The worship schedule changes this Sunday.  Here is the schedule:

8:30 Choir Practice

9:45  Sunday School  (for children, youth and adults)

11:00  Worship

12:00 Picnic and Rally Day Celebration


PHILOMATH COMMUNITY SERVICES BOARD OF DIRECTORS NEEDED……………The PCS Board of Directors is looking for new members to fill vacancies and reach its maximum limit of thirteen.  Board members attend one monthly Board business meeting, are assigned to a committee which meets once per month or less, and are initially expected to volunteer one shift which each of the organizations to get a feel for their activity.  PCS is a non-profit umbrella group that oversees and administers 5 local Philomath charities that improve the lives local residents in several ways.  Check with Pastor Lucke if you have questions!