HOPE……………Hope is a powerful tool.  For without it, we fail to dream and think of what might be possible.  When people lack hope they sometimes say things like this:

“I’ve just about had it with them!”

“I just don’t feel like my old self.”

I’m just about at the end of my rope!”

If you’re feeling hopeless, the first thing to recognize is that hopelessness is a common human experience.  Listen to what Job says in Job 23:8-9.  Or……check out what the person in Psalm 69 was feeling.  It’s okay to admit hopelessness.

God too has something to say in response to our hopeless feelings.  Jesus lived, died and then overcame death by rising from the grave.  What was impossible was made possible through Jesus. We can dream of what might be.  We can think about our reunion with loved ones who have passed. We can dream about what life will be like without our pain and sorrow!  People who have hope tend to say things like this:

“It may be rough, but things will get better!”

“I’m so excited to see the possibilities!”

“Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

In any of the services this weekend–even Good Friday–think about how God is giving you hope!

HOLY WEEK……………Services this weekend are as follows:  Maundy Thursday 7 pm, Good Friday  7 pm,  Easter morning service 10 am with Easter Egg Hunt to follow.

RANDY PATTERSON MEMORIAL SERVICE………Randy’s memorial service will be on Sunday, April 12th at 3 pm at Peace Lutheran Church.  Continue to keep the family in prayer as they gather, share stories and give thanks to God for Randy’s life.

SALMON AND JAZZ TICKETS……..Philomath Rotary’s Salmon and Jazz will be held April 25th (5:00 to 8:30 pm) at the Philomath Scout Lodge.  The evening includes a benefit dinner, auction, music and dance.  Cost is $30 for adults and $15 for children.  Proceeds from the event support Philomath Youth Programs, sports teams and scholarships.  See Pastor Lucke if you would like to purchase a ticket.