WILL IT LAST?……………The first time Jesus uses the word church (ecclesia) is in Matthew 16.  He says this, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  Did Jesus really mean that?  Look around.  The church seems to be on the ropes.  A culture that behaves more and more indifferent.  Less overall interest in spiritual matters.  Yet, the church is here–that is saying something………..2,000 years later.

Think of it this way.  In Paul’s day, Ephesus was a city that passionately worshiped Artemis, a Greek goddess.  Thousands came to the city to worship Artemis in hopes of finding relief from  diseases.  From numerous sources, we know that the city was captivated by superstition and good luck charms.  Here is what is important to note:  Nothing has survived of this religion.  The charms are gone.  The temple to Artemis (one of the seven ancient wonders) has been destroyed.  No more worship.

Jesus’ church still remains.  And will.  Christianity is actually still growing and expected to grow globally over the next 30 years.  I believe Jesus was intentional when he said that His church would not fail.  So, will it last?  I am putting my money on “Yes”.

MAY NEWSLETTER…………….Yes, I am talking about the May newsletter–it is done, printed and now posted on Peace’s website.  Printed copies have been placed in your mailbox.

LOUISE UPDATE.…………….Louis is doing very well and will be transferred to the Mennonite home this afternoon.  Prayers of thanks and prayers for her continued recovery are now requested by Wayne, her brother.

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN UPDATE………….Thank you for your support of FMSC–the event is two weeks away on May 6th and 7th.  About $1,000 was collected this last Sunday for the baked potato bar!  Thank you!  Keep collecting extra coins and dollars–we are still collecting money in the box of the narthex.  In addition……..we have reached our goal of 500 volunteers!

CONCRETE POURED.………..The loud sounds you heard this morning around 7 am were coming from the church.  The concrete has been poured for the patio!  Thank you to all for your hard work.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL.……….We have spent 21 weeks in the Old Testament–I hope you have enjoyed it.  Now, we turn to the New Testament.  We will be covering chapter 22 found on pages 309 to 316 of The Story.  The text tells us”all who heard about Jesus were amazed”.  What do you suppose it was that surprised them?  We’ll be in discussion about that this Sunday.  Join us at 9:45 in the sanctuary.