ALL KINDS OF SHEEP………….There are many different varieties and attributes of sheep.  Some have lighter coats.  Some have darker faces.  Some are quite healthy and adventurous.  Others are not so healthy and need more care.  Regardless of the sheep, the shepherd does his job and leads, cares, nurtures and protects those who have been given to him.

The image of a shepherd caring for his sheep IS the most often used description of how God cares for you.  At times we are not all that put together and we wander to the point of becoming lost–we need attention and intentional care.  At other moments it is different.  Life falls in place and things couldn’t go any better.  We still need the shepherd’s guidance and care.  How do we know for sure that God acts in this way toward us?

Consider the two people that Jesus meets in John 3 and John 4.  The first is an insider named Nicodemus.  He has the knowledge and the pedigree to be esteemed by the people.  He has connections.  People come to him for advice.  People want to be seen with Nicodemus.  Jesus shepherds Nicodemus and gives him what he needs.  The second person in John 4 is an outsider without a name.  She has a checkered history.  People clearly do not want to be associated with her.  The unnamed woman travels to the well at noon all by herself; she has gone out of her way to avoid the crowds that would have traveled later in the day when the sun was setting.  Jesus shepherds her too.  He cares for her and challenges her to make some healthy changes.

John 3 and John 4 show the variety of Jesus’ sheep.  You too fit in his flock!  Be sure to celebrate being in Jesus’ flock this weekend–you have a caring shepherd no matter where you are in life!

JIMMY PATTERSON’S MEMORIAL SERVICE………..Jimmy’s memorial service will be at 11 am this Saturday (April 25th) at Peace with a lunch in the fellowship hall to follow.  Keep the family in your prayers as they come together this weekend.

SALMON AND JAZZ THIS SATURDAY (April 25th)………..Come hear Dr. Johnson’s band this Saturday at Philomath’s Salmon and Jazz in the Scouts Lodge.  The evening begins at 5 pm and includes an auction, dinner, music and dancing.  Email me if you would like to purchase a ticket.