A DISMISSIVE SPIRIT……….I have read before that the number one sign that a marriage or relationship is in trouble is when a dismissive spirit sets in.  The thought is that a relationship can withstand challenges, pain, loss and disappointment.  But, it cannot handle the complete dismissal of the other person.  An eye roll, for example, is a likely sign that this has set in.

Maybe you’ve experienced it before?  Have you ever had someone reject you or your ideas without any kind of chance?

Jesus experienced it too.  A man named Nathanael was told by his friend, Philip, these words, “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law–Jesus of Nazareth.”  Nathanael’s response is dismissive, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”

Apparently Jesus was coming from the wrong side of the tracks for Nathanael.

Jesus still asks Nathanael to come and be his disciple.  Overcoming a dismissive spirit is very difficult to do.  Jesus over and over again did what is so difficult for many of us.  Jesus responded with pure grace.  Jesus overlooked the offense.

He looks over our dismissive spirits too.  Thank goodness!  Praise the Lord!

We’ll be looking at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in chapter 23 of The Story.  Jesus interacted with different types of people: curious Jews, antagonistic Pharisees, tax collectors, and society’s outcasts.  What can you learn about how to respond to different types of people from observing Jesus?

See you on Sunday at 9:45!

COMMUNITY GARDEN WORK PARTY………..We are looking for volunteers to help with the weeding of Philomath’s Community Garden this Saturday.  We will be meeting at 9 am.  Bring gloves and clothes appropriate for weeding.  Donuts will be there too!  The garden is located behind Philomath Community Services on 9th Street.  Go south on 9th from Philomath Boulevard; PCS is the last building on your right.

LANE’S CELEBRATION………No need to bring food this Sunday.  We are honoring and celebrating Chuck and Jan Lane’s 50th wedding anniversary during the fellowship hour.  Food and cake will be provided.