FIRST IMPRESSIONS……..There will, undoubtedly, be some who will be visiting Peace for the very first time in the next week for Holy Week.

Do you remember the time and effort you gave the first time that you went out on a date?  Great energy was given to the clothes you would wear–maybe you tried on a bunch of outfits?  Time was spent too in front of the mirror–maybe you ran back to the mirror a few times before heading out the door?  I suppose we spend so much time primping, tidying up and arranging because we want the encounter to go well and then, be given a second, third and fourth opportunity.

We desire second, third and fourth opportunities for those who experience Peace for the first time.  We want them to hear about Jesus and be a part of genuine fellowship and community.

Tomorrow is an important day at Peace as we primp, tidy up and arrange our campus.  We will begin at 8 AM and will need as many hands as possible!    Inside jobs that need to be done include vacuuming the nursery, dusting the cry room, wiping down the refrigerator, washing the windows in the Fellowship Hall, dusting the foyer.  Outside jobs include weeding and sweeping.

Oh, I forgot to mention, doughnuts will be here!  Come at 8 AM or whenever you can make it.  Any time and effort that you can give is greatly appreciated!

HOLY WEEK.……….This next week will be a journey.  I am looking forward to taking the journey with you as we wave our palm branches on Palm Sunday, celebrate the gift of Jesus’ last meal, ponder His death, and then gather on Easter to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death.  It will be special and make an impact.  Join us on the journey and invite a friend.  Here are some more details about the services.

PALM SUNDAY, APRIL 9……….We have normal Sunday School and worship times.  The topic of Sunday School is “faithfulness”, chapter 28 in Believe–class begins at 9:45 AM.  Worship begins at 11 AM.  You will receive a palm branch in remembrance of the truth that Jesus is king.

MAUNDY THURSDAY, April 13 at 7 PM……….What a miracle it was when Jesus instituted His Supper!  By receiving His body and blood, we receive forgiveness and Jesus’ real presence.  Our service will begin with our choir singing a special assortment of songs with narration.  We will then conclude with prayer, Holy Communion and the Stripping of the Altar in preparation of Good Friday.

GOOD FRIDAY, April 14 at 7 PM…………How could a day in which our Lord was crucified be called “good”?  The answer is simple.  In Jesus’ death, God showed His ultimate love for us.  God will go to no ends, even giving His Son over to death, to have you in His kingdom!  In this service we will read about Jesus’ final hours, be reminded of God’s love, and contemplate in darkness and quietness what this all means for us personally.

EASTER WORSHIP, April 16 at 10 AM………Notice the time change for Easter!  You will want to come early to church to secure a place for you and your family.  Easter will be a celebration for what Jesus has done and what it now means for you.  His victory over death is your victory too!  You are not left on the sidelines to simply cheer.  Easter includes the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  The Easter Egg Hunt follows the service at 11:15 AM.

May the Lord bless our journey together and deepen our walk with Him.