PARENTS OF PRODIGALS.…………..So much attention is given to prodigal children and their stories.  I sympathize when I hear about the extreme lows that some of them experience.  On the other hand, It is inspiring to hear the dramatic turn around some prodigals make.  How awesome it is when one person makes their way back–the Bible says that even the angels rejoice at this (Luke 15).

But what about the parents of prodigals?  Not much thought has been given to those parents who spend countless days in prayer wondering about how things will really turn out for their children.  Many parents of these prodigals may rehearse their approach to make sure to get it just right.  I am sure that parents of prodigals too experience times of doubt and may even feel like their children.

The Michigan District of the LCMS is hosting a webinar today about this topic.  I thought this to be timely as many parents of all ages are experiencing a distancing from the children.  I did not watch the webinar, but here are some ideas shared:

–learn to talk about it

–meet with others to share your experience and see that you are not alone

–address emotional needs

–create outlets

–find a “coach” to encourage you in your struggles

These suggestions are just a start.  My favorite story in the Bible and one that has given me a strong foundation for my pastoral ministry is The Prodigal Son (Luke 15).  I tear up reading the joy and connection the father has with his son.  Yet, I also know that this joy and connection doesn’t always happen in our earthly situations.

Let me know what has worked for you if you are or have been a parent of a prodigal.  I always open to learning!

PHILOMATH FOOD BANK AND SCHOOL SUPPLY………..Don’t forget to come to church this weekend with your offering–your offering for the food bank and the community’s school supply give away, of course.  There are great deals right now–pick up crayons, binders, pencils, pens and paper if you see 2 for 1 deals.  Place your items in the bin of our narthex, True Value or Citizen’s Bank.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY…………This is our last week discussing the major themes in Jesus’ parables.  The discussion will begin at 8:30.  We will be talking about how the parables prepare us as we look to eternity.  What does heaven look like?  What difference does this make for how we should live in the here and now?  We will turn our focus to Wired Word topics on August 21 and September 4.  On September 11 we will be starting a major study on the book, Believe, by Randy Frazee.  This is the follow up to The Story, which we covered last year.  We will be challenged in the fall to re-think what we should be doing as followers of Jesus.  You won’t want to miss this!  Books are being ordered now–the cost is $5!  See Oscar if you would like a book.