BE SAFE……………….Safety will be extra important this weekend with the solar eclipse.  For my pastor’s notes I just want to share the wisdom coming from the City of Philomath.  These are the tips from their website:

  1. Find a place and stay put.
  2. Have plenty of food for your family and pets.
  3. Avoid scheduling and planning trips during the peak days.
  4. Refill prescriptions ahead of time.
  5. Make sure the vehicles are fueled up.
  6. Get cash out ahead of time.  ATM’s may experience down times.

Having said that, Peace will be having a special worship service on Sunday.  There will be 24 visitors from Yakima worshiping with us.  The City of Philomath graciously offered to place signs in the entrance of our parking lot to direct visitors to the rodeo grounds.  Those signs will be taken down Sunday morning so that we can worship at our normal time.

With the special guests in attendance at Peace, please consider bringing an extra finger food item for fellowship.  Thank you!

I will be sending out the Wired Word topic in an email tomorrow.

In Jesus’ name,

Pastor J