SEEKING THE BLACK SHEEP…………We did have one member of my family growing up who considered themselves the black sheep.  We all thought that she was too.  The person was my oldest sister.  When we planned together the family picture it was consensus that we would all wear white buttoned down shirts and jeans.  What a surprise it then was  the day of the photo shoot.  All the family gathered at the park and my sister showed up in a black, elegant dress.  The picture is a reminder of that there was one person who wanted to be different from everyone else.  We all laugh about it now as a family.

Do you have a black sheep in your family?  Are there special ways you try to reach them?  Are there ways that you go out of your way to include them?

Congregational families are somewhat like the families that we come from.  They operate at their healthiest points when they learn and practice the art of loving the “black sheep”.

Loving and reaching the black sheep was an art first practice by Jesus.  You could say Peter was the black sheep.  Peter was the one who failed to trust, rebuked and then denied Jesus altogether.  You could say too that Judas was the black sheep.  Judas was the one who betrayed him into the hands of the authority.  Paul too was the black sheep.  Paul vigorously persecuted Jesus’ followers.

With all of the black sheep in Jesus’ life, he found ways to seek and care again for them in their own special way.  This was true for Peter, Judas and Paul.

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TREE DECORATING AND WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE………Tomorrow night we are gathering for pizza–bring a side to share and drink.  It gets better.  After dinner we will have a white elephant gift exchange.  The official definition of a white elephant gift is “something dubious or of limited value ($5) or an object no longer of value to its owner but of value to others.  It gets better.  We will finish the night decorating the Christmas tree!  See you tomorrow.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM…………The Christmas Program is Sunday.  Invite your neighbors!  Invite your friends.  What talented, cute and whimsical children and youth we have at Peace.  Thank you, Lord, for our children and youth!  And what great leaders who have led and assisted our children and youth for the program!  See you Sunday!