BEING REASONABLE………..We live in polarizing times–saying nothing new here!  With any issue there are those who line up on the far right and those who line up on the far left.  There are those who protest.  There are those who blog.  There are those who are willing to do absolutely anything to get their voice heard.  And…….there is nothing wrong with any of these activities–many times our beliefs do push us to justly act for the sake of the cause we so passionately believe.

That being said, in polarizing times, I believe it is absolutely necessary to take a careful look at St. Paul’s admonition in Philippians 4:5:  “Let your reasonableness be made known to all.”  Being reasonable does not mean that we should be passive.  It means handling adversity with patience and class.  It means, as one person defines it, “accepting less than what you know you deserve”.

I understand the argument when someone says, “If I don’t share my views, I’m not being true to myself!”  I agree.

But more important than our views being broadcast is this question: Am I representing Jesus well to others?  Let’s share our views and opinions, but in a way that does not hinder our witness of Jesus.

CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE…………..I wish you God’s blessings in the days ahead as you celebrate the birth of Jesus–God’s gift of grace in the flesh to us.  The week ahead provides some great opportunities to sing and hear more about Jesus’ birth:

Caroling………….This Sunday, after worship and fellowship, a group will be going to carol at the Regent Court and Stoneybrook.  All are welcome!  Sing well enough and Colleen will find a place for you in the choir.

Christmas Eve Worship………will be next Wednesday at 7 pm.

Christmas Day Worship……….is next Thursday at 10 am.

SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS………The four performances begin tonight at Philomath High School at 7pm.  Go and support Dr. Johnson and our youth.

HOMELESS SHELTER…………Peace is hosting the Corvallis Homeless Shelter this week.  Keep this in prayer and thank you, Rob, for coordinating!