DISCOVERY.………..I just met with the men at Imagine Coffee for morning discussion, I thought that you would want to know what we discussed.  One topic we covered were the important scientific discoveries of 2016.  It was discovered this year that carbon dioxide can be made into a solid stone.  This is significant because of the damage carbon emissions has had on the environment.  According to the website Listverse, carbon dioxide can now be pumped into volcanic rock, speeding up a natural process that turns basalt into limestone.  Normally this process takes hundreds of thousands of years, but the scientists have now done this in two years.  The result is a rock that can be stored underground or even used for building material, while ensuring that the captured carbon dioxide never enter the atmosphere.  I was amazed to hear this discovery!

We don’t think about it this way, but perhaps we should.  Discoveries, even scientific discoveries, often advance God’s healing work.

What personal discoveries are in store for you in 2017?  There is something new to discover inside each one of us.  And whatever that discovery is, it will open you up to seeing things in a new way.  Perhaps a long held fear of the future will dissipate.

MAXINE HAHN FUNERAL.……….The funeral for Maxine Hahn will be at McHenry Funeral Home on Saturday, December 31st at 1 pm.  You are invited.  Maxine’s wonderful obituary ran in the GT on Wednesday.  Please read and send well wishes to husband, Arnold.

JOHN AND LUCY LEACH CELEBRATION.………..All are invited to celebrate John and Lucy Leach’s 30th wedding anniversary this Saturday, December 31st at 11 am (open house) in the fellowship hall.  Congratulations and God’s blessings!

NEW YEAR’S EVE HYMN SING WITH COMMUNION.……..This Saturday, December 31st is also our special New Year’s Eve hymn sing with communion.  This is a great way to start the new year with song, prayer and encouragement.  The service begins at 7 pm.

BACK ON SCHEDULE..………We are back to our normal schedule for worship this Sunday, January 1st.  The healing service with prayer and affirmation will be at 9.  We will have adult Sunday School only at 9:45 (no children Sunday School until January 8th).  Worship is at 11.