WITH OR FOR JESUS?……………..I stumbled across something that really struck me this morning.  Changing a preposition may not sound all that earth shattering, but in this case, it is really making me think in a whole new way.  There was a time in my life that I lived and thought that everything that I did was for Jesus.  I tried extra hard to get results.  I sometimes forced my way into conversations to get my point across.  I tried to accomplish God’s mission in my little corner of the world.  When I accomplished, I felt great and super.  When I failed, feelings of frustration and inadequacy set in.  Life was a roller-coaster.

What if life is not so much about doing work for Jesus as it is doing work with Jesus?  Big difference.  When we live with Jesus, he does the work and we get to see the results that he accomplishes.  Life is fun this way.  Life is energizing.  It is God’s work that we are privileged to take part.  Most important, we don’t have to force people to get the results we want, we are able to simply enjoy and love people for who they are.

Simple thought, I hope it takes root in your heart!  My vote is now with Jesus instead of for Jesus.

NEW YEAR’S EVE SERVICE………..We are gathering to close out 2014 with thanksgiving and open up 2015 with hope and joy.  Time will be given in our time together for sharing, prayer,song and communion.  Worship begins at 7:00 pm at Peace.  Happy New Year to you and your family!

UNDECORATING THE TREE………..We need extra hands this Sunday during/after fellowship to take down the ornaments and then to remove the tree from the sanctuary.  Shouldn’t take too long………..especially if we have many hands.

JANUARY NEWSLETTER READY………The newsletter is now available and in your box at church.  Thanks to Sandi for getting it ready.

PORTALS OF PRAYER…………..Devotions for January through March are available too.  Be sure to pick up your copy in the entrance of church.  The best 3 minute investment you can make for your day!

FLOWER CHART FOR 2015………..The chart for 2015 is now up on the bulletin board.  We have a few openings in January and February that we would like to get filled as soon as possible.

TABLES OF PEACE…………..Tables of Peace is starting back up in February.  For those who are new, Tables of Peace is a grouping of 8 people from Peace or the community who gather together for dinner and then study/discussion.  The sooner you sign up, the more effective we will be in matching up hosts and participants.  The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.