NOT BURIED…………..Last night at the Advent service I shared a story that sparked quite a bit of interest.  So, I share once again for your thought of the day:

A town in Pennsylvania was inundated with rain for three days straight.  The people in the town had been stuck in their homes for three days with little to do and a great desire to get outside.  A mother with two boys gave each permission to finally go outside.  With great excitement and pent up energy, the boys ran down to the river bend to investigate just how high the river had become  because of the recent rain.

That is when the tragedy took place.  The boys looking over the river discovered that the mud below had become like quicksand and was pulling them under.  The mud proved to be about 7 feet deep below them.  The boys were sinking with precious little time to act.

While this was taking place, the mother became worried back at home as the boys had been gone for quite some time.  She got in her car and traveled around town until she came to the river bend.  It was there that she discovered the tragedy.  One of her boys was alive, but stuck in mud up to his shoulders with no wiggle room.  She quickly asked where the brother was.

In the few moments that the boys were sinking, the living son explained that they had to make a decision about which one of two would go down and be buried in the mud.  “It was necessary”, the boy went on, “so that one of us could survive by being buoyed up by the other one’s body.”

This story well illustrates the gift we all are being given this Christmas.  God has given us a brother like the one in Pennsylvania who gave himself up so that the other could live.  The brother’s name is Jesus.  Thank you Lord for a brother who loves us so much!

HEALING SERVICE………..Carve out some time for the healing service this Sunday if you are in need of prayer or a reminder of God’s faithful presence in your life.  Our healing service begins at 9:00 am in the sanctuary.

VINA MOSES TREE………….We started with 30 ornaments on the tree last week and we are now down to 7.  The Vina Moses Tree is located right outside the doors to the sanctuary.  The ornaments describe the ages and gender of children who are in need of Christmas presents this year.  If you do participate, please return the gifts UNWRAPPED and under the Christmas tree by December 15th.