ADULT BIBLE STUDY…………We are transitioning this Sunday in our adult Sunday Bible Study to an important topic:  the fruit of the Spirit.  This allows us to consider what kind of people we are becoming.  Are we becoming more loving?  Are we becoming more angry?  Are we giving a sense of the fruit of the Spirit in our conversations and postings on social media?  Brad Hellesto will be leading us in discussion–thank you Brad!  Read chapter 21 on “Love” in the book, Believe, as you prepare.  Be encouraged with a brief thought on love from a daily devotion of mine:

Parental love is likely the purest expression of love within the human race. Parents spend their lives depositing their love into their children.  The children will never remember the caressing of their cheeks as babies, but the parents know it contributes to the overall physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational health of the children.

The greatest joy of parents is seeing their children all grown up and living a life of love–blessing their own children, their spouses, their neighbors.  When the children decide to live a life of love, the parents know their love has been received and made complete.

This is how it is for God, your Father.  He has been pouring his love into you all your life, even when you were too young to remember it.  When you grow up and choose to live a life of love, you give evidence that God’s love has been born in you and has been made complete in you.

Our time together begins at 9:45 in the sanctuary.  Hope to see you then.

YOUTH THANK YOU………What a blessing it was last Sunday to have our youth lead us in worship!  Thank you to all who participated.  Special thanks too go to Brandy and Sally for organizing.

PEACE HEALING CIRCLE……..Joyce Long will be here tonight for the Peace Healing Circle meeting at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  These gatherings give the opportunity to share our brokenness and the encouragement God gives for healing.

ARNOLD HAHN’S CELEBRATION OF LIFE…………All are invited for Arnold Hahn’s Celebration of Life Friday, February 17 at 11 AM at Peace.  A lunch reception in honor of Arnold will follow the service in the Fellowship Hall.  Thank you, Lord, for the special gift Arnold and Maxine were to the Peace family.