CHILDREN AND YOUTH IN WORSHIP……………I would like to affirm the practice of having children and youth with the adults in regular worship.  It is good to hear the cries of infants.  It is okay that there is extra rustling around in the pews behind us.  I truly believe and say this often:  “Peace is at its best when all generations are represented and participate in worship.”

More and more people would probably disagree with me on this point.  One might say, “Children are so loud and distracting to have during such an important part of my week!” Another joins in, “Children really can’t understand what the pastor is saying anyways, why not have them color in another room.”

For these reasons, many churches have begun to take their children and youth out of regular worship opting for “children’s church”.

This Sunday at Peace we are going to do even more than inviting our children and youth to join us for worship.  The children and youth are going to be leading!  The reading, greeting, ushering, acolyting, and the children’s message will all be done by our youth.

Please join me this Sunday in encouraging our youth and affirming the goodness of having them with us………….and leading us!

MOVIE NIGHT………….Friday night is movie night at Peace.  Join us at 6:00 pm for pizza.  Bring a side dish to share and drink.  Being the month of Valentine’s Day, we will be watching Shadowlands starring Anthony Hopkins.  The movie is rate PG.

MARCH NEWSLETTER………..It is now online and available at church.

BLOOD DRIVE VOLUNTEERS………..Peace will be hosting a Blood Drive on Friday, April 10th.  The drive will go from 1 to 6 pm.  We are in need of 4 or 5 volunteers to assist, contact Pastor Lucke or Ellen if you would like to help.