Being OK with “No”

WHEN SOMEONE SAYS “NO” TO PRAYER……….It sometimes happens that someone says, “No”, when we ask if we can pray for them.  I had something like this happen to me just a few months ago.  After hearing of a challenge that the person was having, I naturally thought that prayer would be the next step in our conversation.  Why not?  The Lord asks us to go directly to Him and intercede for others.  I really felt like I had the best of intentions.  For whatever reason, when I offered, the person responded, “No–not at this time.”

It is completely okay.  It doesn’t have to mean that the person does not like us or that they are an atheist.  It could be that the timing just isn’t right.  It could be that they want to pray, but just aren’t comfortable praying with another person.  It could mean a whole bunch of things.  The key is to simply accept their response and not take the encounter personally.

What we can do in that situation, is wait for better timing.


Ministry to others is more and more about right timing.  I do believe people do want to hear about Jesus and God’s love for them.  I do believe that people want to be prayed for.  But………it is waiting for the right moment to share and pray.


And I have found that God has time after time provided that moment.


HEALING SERVICE……….This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month.  March is already here!  This means that we will be having extended fellowship after worship.  And the healing service will be offered at 9:00 am in the sanctuary.  If you have a hurt, pain, struggle, private groaning, please consider the healing service for you.  This is a special time set aside for the anointing of oil (if desired), scriptural affirmation and prayer.  Very simple, yet very powerful–just like prayer itself.