SHARING GOOD NEWS………..I read this devotion that brightened my day.  I hope it brightens your day too.

A husband came home from work after a very long and terrible day.  Everything had gone wrong.  He said to his wife, “I’ve had nothing but bad news at the office today.  If there is one thing I don’t want, it is more bad news.”

His wife gently replied, “In that case, you’ll be glad to know that three of your four children did not break their arms today.”

There is a real art to learning how to share bad news.  But delivering good news is so much fun.  Why, then, is it so hard for us to share our faith?

Maybe it helps to remember that the gospel is good news.  Try this on for size: “You’ll be pleased to know that four out of every four people who ask for forigiveness and for eternal life in Jesus will receive them.”

CHILDREN AND YOUTH LEADING WORSHIP.………Sunday Worship will be extra special as our children and youth lead us in worship.  Be sure to specifically encourage one child or youth this Sunday with a kind word of thanks.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY.…………This Sunday we will be spending our time discussing the proper Christian response in light of the national leadership change.  In our form of government, agreement and dissent regarding White House policies can be expressed in many ways, and it’s likely that committed Christians will be found on various sides of those issues.  It is a healthy sign that the Peace family can discuss issues like this.  We will make sure that this discussion includes listening, sensitivity and the fruit of the Spirit.  Opening begins at 9:45 AM and then we will begin the discussion shortly thereafter.

FUNERAL FOR NANCY RALEIGH………..Nancy Raleigh passed away late Wednesday evening after a long battle with cancer.  Nancy has been on our prayer list at Peace this month and has received pastoral visits.  She worked for 10 years in Philomath High School in the 1970’s and 1980’s and was married to Richard Raleigh, the former Chief of Police in Philomath.  The funeral for Nancy Raleigh will be next Wednesday, February 15 at Peace.  The Visitation will be at 10 AM with the funeral starting at 11 AM.  A committal service will then take place at Mt. Union Cemetary, followed by a reception in Peace’s Fellowship Hall with light refreshments.

CELEBRATION OF LIFE FOR ARNOLD HAHN…………Arnold Hahn’s Celebration of Life will be at Peace next Friday, February 17th at 11 AM.  Everyone is invited to attend the lunch reception afterward in the Fellowship Hall.  Please include the Hahn family in your prayers as they begin to travel and spend precious time together as family.  Arnold’s obituary ran in the GT this morning.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with Arnold and Maxine.