HAPPY AND KIND PEOPLE ARE CONTAGIOUS………..Just came across this devotion that spoken to me, so I share it with you!

The members of the early church did not devote themselves to evangelism–leading other folks to Christ.  They devoted themselves first to each other and to God.  They saw each other every day and often shared a meal together.  When they gathered around the table, they ate with”glad and sincere hearts.”  How did they do that?  Between the bites they chatted about the wonderful life they now had in Jesus, and they praised God for it.

Once they finished their meal, they walked through the neighborhood streets and simply met the needs of the people around them from a heart of gratitude.  Before people knew the doctrine that drove these believing neighbors, they experienced it.  The result?  People were added to the community of Christ every day.  Evangelism resulted. Happy and kind people are contagious.  You may only be a great meal away from seeing another person come to know Jesus.

This completely makes sense to me.  Happy and kind people are contagious.

PIZZA NIGHT AND CLEAN UP……….Come early on Friday at 5 pm to take the Christmas tree and ornaments down.  Once we are done, we will enjoy pizza (bring a side and drink for self) at around 6.  Then we’ll listen and sing along with Matt Neely as he leads in some bluegrass gospel music.

MEN’S BREAKFAST ON SATURDAY……….Last Saturday’s breakfast has been rescheduled to this Saturday (January 14th) at 8:30.  RSVP to Oscar if you are interested or are planning on attending.  The topic should be a good one leading into discussion.  We will be done by 10.

SUNDAY WORSHIP……….You’ll want to be here for worship as we will be inspired to be more joyful.  How is that possible with everything that is going on?  My sorrow is too deep.  We will once again discover that God’s joy is always deeper than our sorrow.  Come and get back in the groove!