HOPE IN LIMITATIONS………..I shared recently that I am often confronted with my own limitations.  There are limitations that I have in being a pastor.  Not always is the point made in the sermon in the clearest possible way.  Not always do I handle challenges and concerns with the exact amount of patience and tact needed.  And I have limitations in my personal life.  I wish I could be more handy for my family.  I do wish I could keep track of old friends as much as they keep track of me.

Each of us has limitations–a point we can no longer go.

For many……personal limitations bring despair and great frustration.  Why can’t I do this?  I’ve come so far, why can’t I go any further?  Why can’t I do what I once did?

Consider today St. Paul’s attitude when he came at a point in life when he recognized his own limitations:  “God said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.  Therefore, I will boast even more in my weaknesses!” 

A consistent theme in the Bible is God’s work through human weakness and limitation.  No need to apologize. No need to slink away and be shy.  Boast in your weakness–God is at work.

Have you considered that your weakness was given to you for a reason?  Take some time today to thank the Lord for the limitations you have.  You see, there is hope in limitations!

GARTH’S MEMORIAL SERVICE…………..This Saturday (January 24th) at 1 pm is Garth’s memorial service at Peace.  We can truly give thanks in all circumstances.  This will be a special time to gather together in celebration of Garth’s life and God’s promises even in death.  Those gathering include the Garth’s family and friends, the Peace family, those in the community, as well as past pastors (including Pastor Jack and Joy).  Thanks be to God!

FEBRUARY NEWSLETTERS ARE READY………..We are ahead of the curve this month, the newsletter is ready–thanks Kay!  Check your mailboxes or the website.  Make sure to read the piece on Garth.