BRINGING THE TRUTH…………..We have the truth.  Jesus once said, “I am the way, the truth and the life!”  We know where he came from and who his parents were.  We know that what he said was the truth.  We know that the truth that Jesus taught is a shining light in a world full of dark untruths. I do not think that I have to convince many of you that we have the truth–you know it already and hold it. And for that, I say “Thank you!”

But, I’d like for you to think about how you are BRINGING the truth.  Our approach in sharing Jesus greatly matters.  Are you skilled in finding common ground to share this truth?  I came across this insightful thought with someone this week:  “The Gospel message always comes best from a position of humility and not superiority.”

Jesus was a master at finding common ground with people.  Not often did he talk about his other-worldliness.  Very rarely did he try and dominate a conversation.  Jesus’ approach was masterful! Eyes were opened to new realities and ears were capable of listening and processing.  Perhaps just as important as the exact message that Jesus gave, was his approach to people.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END.…………We are covering chapter 16 of The Story this week: The Beginning of the End.  This part of the Bible covers the time period of King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah.  The chapter can be found on pages 219 to 230.  The Assyrians tried to convince the people of Judah not to trust God.  Whose “voice” is most likely to cause you to doubt God?  To whom do you listen when you feel surrounded by stress or fear?  Be ready to share as we learn best from listening to one another.  We will start with our opening in the sanctuary at 9:45.

A NEW FLAGON………..”What in the world is a flagon?” you might be asking.  A flagon is the pitcher that is used to pour the wine into the common cup for communion at church.  The observation was made that both Peace’s common cup and flagon, which have been used since the 1950’s, have significant oxidation spots as the metal has been worn away.  The good news is that the common cup has been re-plated and will be back in operation soon.  And even better……..someone has generously donated a new flagon (the old one will be decommissioned as the silversmith cannot work on it!  On Sunday, January 31st we will be blessing our new communion ware.  Thank you to all who have helped and contributed in this process.

CHIEF PHELPS………….Philomath’s Police Chief, Ken Ruben, had something come up this weekend and will not be visiting us until early in March.  But, Chief Phelps of Philomath Fire and Rescue will be here.  Transitions are on the horizon for Philomath Fire and Rescue, so this will be an important time for us to connect and find out how we can pray and support this very necessary service in our community.  Come also to say “thank you” for all the hard work of Chief Phelps and those who serve with him!