PATIENCE……….Patience is one of the fruit of Spirit–it is a sign that God is working in us.  I share today a devotion that I recently read.  I hope it inspires you today.

When you think of the virtue of patience, think of a thermometer.  When you are in a situation that pushes your buttons and frustrates you, put a spiritual thermometer under your tongue and monitor how quickly you are burning up with anger.

Developing a resistance and immunity to the bacteria of frustration involves ingesting daily doses of God’s patience toward you.  Aren’t you glad that God cuts you some slack and loves you in spite of your foibles and failures?  In spite of your missteps and mistakes?  As a growing follower of Christ, you long to be like him and offer that same patience to others.

The next time you are in that same frustrating situation, place the spiritual thermometer under your tongue again and see if it doesn’t take a bit longer for your temperature to rise.

We will be picking up on the theme of patience as we gather for worship this Sunday.  What a comfort it is to know that God is patient with us!

AARON STOLL’S FUNERAL……………Aaron’s service is this Saturday, January 28th at 2 PM at Peace.  Continue to pray for the family as they travel and gather to mourn his passing.  Aaron’s mother, Denise Guinn, is a member of Peace.  A reception will follow in the fellowship hall.

ARNOLD HAHN’S FUNERAL SERVICE……….Arnold’s service will be at Peace on Friday, February 17th at 11 AM.  A lunch reception will follow the worship service.  We can pray for the Hahn family as they lost both Arnold and Maxine this winter.

CONTACT INFORMATION……..We still need more people to check their contact information that the church has on file.  The three ring binder is located on the table in the narthex with the contact information.  Thank you.

PEACE HEALING CIRCLE.………Consider joining the Peace Healing Circle the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7 PM in the fellowship hall.  Joyce Long is also available to talk after Sunday worship for those who would rather speak privately.  Check out and search for the Facebook group “Peace Healing Circle” to find out more information.

ROTARY PRESENTATION……….All are invited to the Philomath Rotary meeting next Tuesday at noon in the fellowship hall.  The presentation is on the non-profit organization World’s Children.  Their mission is to support the most vulnerable children in the world, particularly children who have been abandoned or orphaned.  Come and learn something new.