HOLDING BACK ON ADVICE…………I really enjoy giving advice.  Do you?  When someone is looking for a good place to eat, I like to chime in with a suggestion.  I’ll sometimes go into great detail about a specific item on the menu.  When a friend is looking to go to the movies, I’ll quickly respond with a listing of the movies that I have seen and which ones I could recommend.

I think we all love giving advice.  Alicia asked for advice recently on Facebook about our cable and whether or not we should continue with our provider.  Within minutes the many experts weighed in with their thoughts.  It was truly helpful–thank you to those who assisted us!

Sometimes it is not helpful to give advice, however.  I am thinking especially of people who are hurting and in need of our presence.  LISTENING is perhaps the best ministry that we can give someone.  As a recent devotion of mine stated, “Listening helps us see the world through the eyes of the hurting person and discourages us from talking at them and telling them what to feel and do.

Listening is actually much harder than simply offering advice.  It means that we have to focus our entire selves on another person–that is harder than it sounds!!

I think James agree with the importance of listening over advice giving when he says, “Be quick to listen……….slow to speak (James 1:19).”

I hope your week is filled with many opportunities to listen.

FLOWER CHART………………..We do have the flower chart up for 2016.  It is located on the bulletin board.  Providing flowers for our worship is an excellent way to honor a loved one AND to display our thanks to God.

THE KINGDOM’S FALL……………This Sunday we are discussing Chapter 17 of the The Story: The Kingdom’s Fall.  This chapter can be found on pages 231 to 247.  As you read, consider these questions.  1.  What is the most memorable destruction or disaster that you have seen firsthand?  And 2.  What did God promise He would do for Israel in spite of their great sin?  What does this teach you about God’s heart for His chosen nation?

CHILDREN’S MESSAGE…………..If you are interested in being apart of the team that delivers the Children’s Message at church each Sunday, let me know.  We are looking for a person to cover the fourth Sunday of each month.  Thank you!