INTROVERTS ARE WELCOME………….Have any of you taken the Myers Briggs personality test?  I would be interested to know your results.  Email or let me know if you have and what your results were.

I remember taking the test right before I entered seminary, I was 24 years old.  The test concluded that I was an introvert, just barely, scoring a 6 for I and a 4 for E (extravert).  It is amazing how we change through life, though.  I am now, according to the Myers Briggs test, a full-fledged extravert–9 for E verses 1 for I.  I enjoy getting energy from people and the activities going on around me.

It is commonly thought that extraverts are usually the more effective personality type for ministry and discipleship.  I don’t think that this common claim is true.  In many circumstances introverts are better positioned to care and understand the people around them.

Just yesterday I came across one individual.  She was a retired school counselor who took time each week to visit different people in nursing homes.  She described herself as shy and someone who “didn’t like being in the lime-light”.  But… she engaged one-on-one with people, I could tell that she had the right skills to care and understand.  Her attentiveness to detail and thoughts were just what her care receiver needed.  God used her personality in just the right way for that moment.

My message for today:  if you are extraverted, God will use you in powerful ways and if you are introverted, God will use you in equally powerful ways!

BOOKS ARRIVED……….On February 8th, the Adult Bible Study class will begin its study on Bill Graybill’s book, “Resolving Conflict God’s Way”.  The cost for the book is $14.00.  We have 30 books available–see Pastor if you are interested.

HEALING SERVICE……….This Sunday is our Healing Service at 9 am.  It is not so much a “service” as it is time to pray with the elders, be anointed with oil, and hear a word of affirmation from God’s word.

AWAY……….Pastor and family will be away next Monday (Feb. 2st) through Wednesday (Feb. 4rd).  In case of a pastoral emergency, please contact one of the elders:  Bob, Oscar or Elaine.