JOY..……….When does a smile appear on your face?  Answers undoubtedly vary.  Some would say, “When I get to see my family!”  Another might answer, “When the Beavers beat the Ducks!”  Smiles usually come when we feel happy.  Makes sense.

There is another emotion, besides happiness, that causes a smile.  Consider joy.  It is a far more powerful emotion and experience than happiness.  Joy has the ability to last even through difficult circumstances.  This Sunday we are going to share more about the second fruit of the Spirit.  Jesus came to increase your joy and this gives you the ability to not just smile, but also feel a deep inner contentment with life.   For Jesus said, “I told you these things so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”  May your joy become full in 2017.

NO HEALING CIRCLE.……….With the bitter cold weather, there will be no Healing Circle tonight.  Stay warm and consider attending the next session in February.  Thanks to Joyce for leading this small group ministry.

ZION LUTHERAN SCHOOL………Principal Jonathan Schultz will be visiting Peace Sunday and briefly updating us on their ministry.  Be sure to greet him.  Feel free to ask questions about how you can get involved.

STAY AFTER CHURCH………..of course, for fellowship, but also to take the Christmas tree and ornaments down.  The more people we have, the faster the clean up will go.  Thank you!

THEODORE UPDATE………..Thank you for all the prayers for Theodore, Rob and Colleen’s grandson (Chris and Noel’s son).  Theodore is now home and the diagnosis was bronchiolitis, which is less severe than pneumonia.  Keep the prayers coming for his full recovery!