BACK FROM MILWAUKEE……….I arrived from Milwaukee last night at about 11:30 pm.  Thank goodness for my cup of coffee this morning to keep me going!

My top five observations from time at convention:

  1. Make sure that when you agree to room with someone that you know whether or not they snore.
  1. Milwaukee may be famous for beer, but Milwaukee’s Best is far inferior to what we have in Oregon.
  1. Something special happens when 500 Lutheran pastors and 500 lay members gather together to sing.
  1. Human beings can make errors in the decisions they make for the church.  🙁
  1. Jesus is still Lord of the Church.  He does not err.  And His forgiveness and guidance is what we all need.  Thank goodness!

In all seriousness, the convention in Milwaukee was an outstanding learning experience for me.  Some of the decisions that were made will have an impact in our faith community.  For example, it was decided that the Lay Licensed Deacon program will be limited in the coming future–much to my disappointment.  I will be sharing more about my time at the convention at a special session at Peace in an evening in August.  You will want to come, discuss and ask questions.  More details to come about this.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL..………….I’ll share more about the convention this Sunday before class.  However, we will quickly turn our attention to Jesus’ parables.  Class starts at 8:30.

BASEBALL GAME……………Saturday, July 23rd will be an excellent opportunity to interact with the camp councilors from Camp Lutherwood.  We will have a barbecue (hot dogs and hamburgers) at 5 pm at Peace–bring a side dish to share.  Drinks provided.  After the barbecue, we will be heading to the Corvallis Knight’s baseball game which starts at 6:40.  If you don’t want to attend the barbecue, but you do want to go to the game, you can meet everyone at the game.  Come and see me if you want to go, I have 50 tickets available.

JOYCE SETTLE’S NEW ADDRESS.………Joyce has moved from West Hills Assisted Living to Brookdale in Albany.  Here new address is:

Brookdale Memory Care

2445 SE Geary Street, Room C1

Albany, OR

Send cards of encouragement and support as Joyce “settles” in to her new home.

FREE DENTAL SCREENING………….There will be a free dental screening and meal to take home at the Tunison Center on July 28th from 4 to 5:30 pm.  Please share with someone that you think would benefit.  The Tunison Center is located on 365 SW Tunison Street, Corvallis, OR.