APOSTOLIC CHURCH……….Have you ever wondered why we say, “I believe in the Apostolic Church”, at Peace each Sunday?  Maybe or maybe not–I don’t know.  It kind of seems like outdated messaging and not all that relevant for our lives today.

We say it for an important reason.  The word “apostle” literally means “sent one”.  An apostle is someone who comes as a representative from the person who sent them.  In this sense, we claim that the first generation of Jesus’ follower had a direct and mediate connection to Jesus.  These special followers of Jesus risked above all else to share the good news they experienced through Jesus.

For some reason, the word apostolic has lost its flair.  Churches today, in general, steer clear of by-gone words that have little relevance today.  You are more apt to find churches that define themselves as “renewed”, “vibrant”, “living”, “Lutheran”, “Pentecostal”, “charismatic” than you would “apostolic”.

But I would like to suggest that the word “apostolic” still fits you.  You are sent!  In your life you do not just represent yourself or your family name–you are a representative and ambassador of Jesus. Your strength in life comes from the one who sent you.  By his command and authority, you do what you do.  This is good news because when you fall (and you will), the One supporting you will pick you up on your way.  You have Jesus’ full backing.

When you think of it that way……..I think the word “apostle” is very relevant for our lives.

I hope you have a great Fourth of July weekend with family and friends.  Lets be sure to thank the Lord for our great country.  Our country has been good to us……..so has God!

AED UNIT UP……………..Check out the new location of Peace’s AED unit (heart defibrillator).  The new unit is in the hallway leading into the fellowship hall.  The unit has received new pads and a battery.  The new location is more visible for easier access.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY…………..The prayer shawl ministry has done much to share our unity with those going through challenging times.  We need more yarn to make more shawls.  If you would like to contribute to the purchasing of more yarn, make sure monies are marked “for prayer shawl” ministries.  Thank you for your consideration!

GIDEON COLLECTION………….The Gideon’s collected $239 last Sunday at Peace.  On behalf of Chuck and the Gideon’s, “Thank you”, for your support.

BASEBALL AT THE KNIGHTS………….Sunday, July 12th is HOPE NIGHT for the Corvallis Knights.  We only have 4 tickets left for purchase.  The cost is $5 a ticket.  Please see me if you would like to attend!