NATIONAL NIGHT OUT.………….Peace helped quick start National Night Out in Philomath a couple of years ago.  You may remember hearing about the event at church or if you were involved, setting up attending.  NNO was established in the 1980’s to encourage community and police awareness.  The first Tuesday of August was set aside for block parties and gatherings in hopes of curbing drug problems and crime.

Peace will not be hosting this year–which is absolutely okay.  The City of Philomath will be hosting National Night Out in the City Park on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6 to 8 pm.  There will be many more vendors, food and opportunities to interact with the city officials–including the police.  I am told that there will also be live music.  I many ways, this is an expansion and a complete endorsement of Peace’s work to get National Night Out up and off the ground.

In reality–it doesn’t matter who is hosting the event.  What matters most is the cause.  The media reports daily that there are significant schisms between segments of the population and the police.  Entire blogs and social media are dedicated to one side or the other.  Much time is spent on who is to blame for the problems.

Christians work best when they partner with the Holy Spirit toward solutions.  National Night Out provides an opportunity to do this as relationships between community members and police are better fostered.  Consider attending and promoting a very worthy cause!  Hopefully I’ll see you there next Tuesday.

GEORGIA’S MEMORIAL SERVICE……….Georgia’s memorial service is Saturday, July 30th at 11 am.  What a blessing Georgia was for our church family at Peace and community.  All are welcomed to attend and then share stories afterward in the reception in the fellowship hall.  Thank you to the very many people who have contributed time and effort in preparation for this special time.  Thank you, Lord, for Georgia.

AUGUST NEWSLETTER………….The newsletter is ready and in your boxes at church.  Know that you can access the newsletter on-line.

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!