CELEBRATION.………..There is much celebrating in the Bible, especially in Luke 15.  Luke 15 relates a parable about a shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep behind to reach the one who is lost.  In finding the lost one, he “rejoices”.  Then he invites his friends for a larger celebration for this one sheep who is found.  The celebration here seems a bit much for a simple sheep.

Of course, this parable is about God’s joy when one person repents and returns to Him.  Yet, I also think this parable (as well as the other two parables of Luke 15) is challenging us to capture a sense of celebration in our own lives.

Is there someone in your family who has been drawn closer to the Lord?  Have you celebrated?  How has God worked in both small and big ways to bring you closer to Him?  Have you celebrated?

I like to think of each Sunday as a celebration at Peace.  Friends see each other.  God’s grace is shared.  Peace is extended into the community.  All are good reasons to celebrate.

This Sunday will be no different as Pastor Max Metcalf leads us in worship.  We are thankful for Pastor Metcalf and his wise words that he shares!  Worship begins at 9:30, be ready to celebrate.

PASTOR AWAY………I will be away today (July 7) and will return to the office on Friday, July 15.  Please keep me and the rest of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in prayer as the Synodical Convention begins Saturday in Milwaukie, Wisconsin.  There will be important matters discussed and decided–particularly the Lay Licensed Deacon program, which directly impacts our ministries with Peace’s Deacon, Larry Oliver.

GEORGIA’S MEMORIAL SERVICE.……..Georgia’s service will be on Saturday, July 30th at Peace at 11 am.  This will be important time for the Peace family to join together to celebrate Georgia’s life and claim God’s promises even in death.  Continue to keep the Herring family uplifted in prayer.

BASEBALL GAME…………On Saturday, July 23rd we will be having a celebration with the councilors and staff at Camp Lutherwood.  We will be barbecuing at 5 pm out on the patio and then leaving around 6:15 for the Corvallis Knight’s baseball game.  The game starts at 6:40.  The church as purchased 50 tickets, if you would like to attend the game, just let me know!   All are welcome.