BARNABAS………….Everyone needs a “right-hand man”.  This could be someone who makes sure that you get the attention.  This could be that person standing right next to you through thick and thin.  This could be a person who advocates on your behalf when you are away.  This could be that person that you trust with your life.

A good encourager is someone who knows how to deliver their support at just the right time.

This Sunday in Bible Class we are going to discover that Paul had a very important person in his life that encouraged him.  Paul’s right-hand man was Barnabas.

In Cyprus Paul has heated engagement with a magician named Elymas.  In Antioch Paul was driven out of town for what he had to say.  At Iconium a plan was hatched to put Paul to death. Then in Lystra Paul was nearly stoned to death.  There was only one person who experienced all of these tragic events in Paul’s life.  Only one man stood by Paul’s side in all of these happenings:  Barnabas.

I hope you have someone like Barnabas in your life.  Take some time today to thank the Lord for the special person in your life!

Maybe even more to the point–I hope that you are a “Barnabas” to someone else.

SHARING TABLE…………..Members of Peace have expressed a desire to share in the abundance of their harvest.  There will be fruits and vegetables available on the table nearest to the door in the fellowship hall after church Sunday.  Come pick up some fruit.  Come and provide extras if you have some.  Come and trade one item for another.  Thank you for your generosity!


NATIONAL NIGHT OUT HELPERS.……….We are in need of some volunteers for National Night Out.  National Night Out is being organized by the Philomath Chamber of Commerce, but will be hosted at Peace again.  We need volunteers to help with the cooking of the food and distribution.  Also, we need volunteers to help set up (4 to 6 pm) an take down (8 to 9:30 pm).  NNO will be Tuesday, August 4th from 6 to 8 pm.  Come and see Pastor if you are interested.  Thank you for your consideration.


MITES………..This Sunday is a Mite Sunday.  Remember to bring your mite boxes!