WORSHIP TIME CHANGE…………This Sunday, June 19th we switch to our summer schedule.  The adult class will begin at 8:30 am in the fellowship hall.  Worship will follow at 9:30.  After worship we will have a special brunch for everyone put on by the father’s of the congregation!

This summer the adult Bible class will be dedicated to the parables.  It is difficult to exactly describe what a parable is, because different parables work in different ways.  Some exaggerate to make a point; others simply compare God’s kingdom to earthly realities.  All of them, however, reveal Jesus to us in order to work faith in our lives.  This Sunday read Matthew 13:34-35 to prepare for discussion.  See you then!

This Sunday is extra special as the staff at Camp Lutherwood will be present.  During our worship, the staff will lead song and share the children’s message and then be commissioned for the summer season.  Before worship…………..pick up a name of a staffer (on the table in the narthex) and commit to praying for them and to encouraging them throughout the summer.  What a blessing it is to be partnered with Camp Lutherwood in their ministries!

PORTALS OF PRAYER………..Pick up your devotionals for July through September.  They are now locate on the table in the narthex.  Large print copies are available.

PASTOR AWAY……………Alicia and I are headed to Lake Tahoe next week.  We will be gone from June 20th through the 24th.  Thankfully, grandma and grandpa will be in town to watch the girls as we take some time for ourselves.  If you are in the need of pastoral assistance our elders–Bob, Elaine and Oscar are available.  Also, Peace’s deacon, Larry Oliver, is willing to attend to ministry needs as well.

TABLES OF PEACE…………Groups have been made for Tables of Peace.  To find out which group you are in, see the list on the bulletin board at church.  Groups are being encouraged to have their meeting in the month of June.  The person’s name with the star is the host.