EXPECTATIONS OF GOD………….For years a lame man had positioned himself by the gate.  This gate had a special name–the Gate Beautiful and opened the way into the entrance of the temple in Jerusalem. The man had positioned himself well as he was able to encounter thousands of individuals who were visiting this sacred space.  He stood by the gate in hopes of getting some spare change.

And I suppose that with each passing day this man’s hope eroded away.  Why can’t someone help me!?!  Isn’t there someone out there who has a plan to take care of what ails me!?!  With each day the questions must have mounted.  This man likely got to the point that he expected very little….certainly not a miracle.

Maybe you can sympathize with this man?  Days pass by–little changes with your situation and/or circumstance.  Your struggles and pains hardly seem to be recognized by others.  The frustration becomes so great that you are beginning to lose hope.  “I don’t believe in miracles!” you say in a moment of frustration to a friend.

It is directly at that point of despair that I have discovered God finds us.  This Sunday in Bible Class we are going to discover that this was also the case with the man at the Beautiful Gate in Jerusalem.  The apostles Peter and John were in their regular routine of going to prayer at the temple and for some reason, their attention was drawn to the lame man.  Not able to give him any spare change, the two apostles performed a miracle by giving him the ability to walk.  The man received far more than what he was expecting.

Our God is soooooooo good to us!  We ask for daily bread and we each receive so much more.  Take a moment today and think about a time that you asked God for something and God’s response was way beyond your expectations.  Be sure to give thanks for God’s generosity!

Camp Children…………Some of our youth will be attending camp next week.  Pray for their safety and that they would experience God’s love in a whole new way.

PORTALS OF PRAYER………..The new Portals of Prayer devotionals have arrived at Peace.  These devotionals are meant for every day use for the months of July, August, and September.  You can find the latest edition on one of our tables in the narthex of the church.

NIGHT AT THE KNIGHTS…………HOPE Night for the Corvallis Knights is Sunday, July 12th.  I have 15 tickets available–cost is $8 a piece.  Let me know if you would like to attend–tickets will go fast!