(NOT) LEFT BEHIND…………..You may remember the very famous Left Behind series in early 2000’s.  The fictional series describes the rapture–a moment of time in which all believers in Jesus escape to heaven.  Those who are left behind live in a world of chaos.  In the new world order, the antichrist–a Romanian political leader–promises peace, but in fact brings violence.  Tim Lahaye, the author of the series, claims that the motivation in writing the book was to “scare” people with the second coming Christ.

The Left Behind series sold over 65 million copies and reached # 1 status on the New York Times Best Selling list numerous times.

As we conclude our time with The Story this weekend with chapter 31–the book of Revelation, I would like to encourage us to think of the end times in a different way than Tim Lahaye.  Jesus’ second coming is not so much meant to be a scare tactic (as often comes across in Lahaye’s writing), as it is a great source of comfort.  The end of Revelation relieves us of our greatest fears.  Jesus, the lamb of God, is on the throne.  There is a new heaven and new earth.  Peace reigns supreme.  And these words ring loud and clear:  “He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Scare tactics are rarely, if ever, helpful in bringing people into a closer relationship with Jesus.  What is important and efficacious in drawing people to Jesus is his grace.  People need the Lord, as the song suggests.  They need the new heaven and earth he offers.  They need his peace.  They need the eternal life he offers.  It is the gifts he offers that makes the church so attractive.

PICNIC THIS SUNDAY……………This is the last Sunday (12th) with normal hours.  This means that we will be celebrating with a picnic for fellowship.  We will be switching to summer hours on June 19th.  Adult Sunday School only will be at 8:30 am with worship to follow at 9:30 am starting on the 19th.

LOUISE UPDATE……..Suzy (Louise’s sister) has asked for prayers for Louise and family as Louise’s challenges have gotten more difficult in Vancouver.