EQUAL STATUS……………Pecking orders are just a part of this world.  It is the oldest sibling who gets to try new adventures first in the family.  It is the most tenured on staff who gets the most benefits.  It is the customer who has shown the most loyalty who gets the best treatment from the sales staff.  It is the most talented basketball player who gets the designed plays in order to score.  It is the favorite student of the teacher who gets the special seat.  You have grown accustomed to pecking orders.  Maybe you like it!  Maybe you don’t.

In numerous places in the Scriptures, God asks us to not let distinctions enter the church.

Consider the following:

Romans 15:7  Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you.

I Corinthians 12:25  Have equal concern for each other.

I Peter 5:5  Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another.

James 2:1  Don’t show favoritism. 


There simply is no room for pecking orders in the church.  And I am thankful for this.  And I hope you are too.  Through Christ, God gives us a new identity that sets us on the same level with one another.  No one is greater.  No one should receive greater fame.  No one receives a greater reward.  Our Lord Jesus gives us all the same gift–the gift of life now and in eternity with Him.


Thank you, Lord, for breaking into our world and creating equal status in your church!  Thank you, Lord, for giving me brothers and sisters that are all of equal standing before you.  Amen.


GAME NIGHT…………Game night is tomorrow night.  We will be coming together for pizza at 6.  Bring a side dish to share and a drink for yourself.  If you have a great game you would like to share, bring it too.


CHURCH CLEAN-UP………………It is Saturday (March 21st).  Come anytime starting at 8 am.  Feel free to come and go as you please.  Work will be done outside (spreading bark, planting, weeding, trimming).  Work will be done inside (small and large tasks).  Donuts and coffee are available!  Many hands DO make light work.