PASSING ON THE FAITH…………Passing on the Christian faith to the next generation is so important and I am thankful that the Peace family has a strong desire to do just this!  Thank you to everyone who participates in the important work of “training up a child”.  I am especially thinking of our Sunday School Superintendent and teachers who give of their time to share God’s love through Jesus.

It was reported this week that a six-month-old was baptized in Texas, wearing a 150-year-old baptismal gown that had been passed down through six generations.  The first child to wear the garment was Eunice Thawley in 1867 in a Methodist church in London, England.  Following Eunice, 31 infants in the family had worn the garment during the past 150 years.

The current caretaker of the gown had this to say in the article, “(It was her hope and prayer) that our descendants will be faithful enough that 100 years from now a baby will be baptized in the gown.”

Here is a thought for the day.  What did persons of faith from previous generations pass on to you that is especially meaningful to you?  What do you hope you will pass on to generations that come after you?

SALMON AND JAZZ……….Consider attending and donating for Philomath’s Salmon and Jazz on Saturday, April 29.  Kay has put together a list of items that you can donate.  The list will be located on the table in the narthex.  Please put your name next to the item you plan to donate.  The items will need to be back at church by April 16 (Easter).  A blue box has been placed in the SE corner of the Fellowship Hall for your items.

PORTALS OF PRAYER……….Pick up the April through June edition in the narthex.  I highly recommend these devotions as they connect well God’s Word to daily life.  There are large print editions available too.

ROTARY…………..All are invited to attend the Rotary lunch and presentation next Tuesday, March 28 at noon.  Maura and Tony Wilson will be sharing about their recent travels to Dubai and United Arab Emirates.