I LIKE MATH…………Yes, I said it.  I hope that you will still talk to me.  In my high school day, those who excelled at math were to be avoided at all costs.  If you were good at math, you would try and avoid conversation about the subject in the cafeteria.  Not sure if that still happens today–I certainly hope not!

I would like to share an equation that I came across the other day.  Here it is:

Unhurried time

+ Proximity

+ Activity (usually involving food)



x Over Time





A key part of this equation is “unhurried time”.  Unhurried time has less to do with setting aside hours of the days; it has more to do with an attitude.  Unhurried time only happens when we are able to give the person we are talking with our full attention.  It has much to do with stopping, taking a deep breath, relaxing and letting really giving people our all.


My note today really is convicting me.  I know that I struggle with making unhurried time a priority in my life.  I have meetings to get to!  I have children to put to bed!  I have person I need to visit.  But what I am realizing more and more is that the more unhurried time I have, the better I am in my meetings, with my children and with you.  I am going to work at this.  Please join me.


So here it is to math.  Who ever said it isn’t good to do math on spring break?!?


FIFTH SUNDAY………….This means that the service will be from the hymnal–Communion setting II.  I always look forward to fifth Sundays, I hope you do as well.


BLOOD DRIVE UPDATE………….As of yesterday, we are up to 21 people signed up to give blood for Peace’s blood drive on April 10th.  This means that we are only 15 people away from our goal. Thank you to Ellen for coordinating and keeping track of our donors.  There will be homemade treats and goodies for those who donate blood.


CLEAN UP AT CHURCH……………There is still bark to be spread at church.  If you have extra time on your hands this Saturday, stop by church around 9 am to assist.  Many hands make light work.