BACK TO SOMEWHAT NORMAL…………Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers this past week.  I did find out after Easter worship that I had pneumonia in both lungs.  Thanks to a loving family, your prayers, medicine and a few quiet days, I am now feeling much, much better.  Over the next month, though, I will still be careful as pneumonia can easily flare up again.  I am not contagious and should have a full recovery, thanks be to God!

We are starting back up with The Story this Sunday at Peace.  Our focus will be Chapter 19: The Return Home.  This chapter covers a peculiar time in history for God’s people.  When returning home from their exile, the Israelites find home to be a little different.  They see overgrown fields, neglected roads, demolished homes, and a destroyed temple.

They quickly go to work on the temple laying the foundation and constructing a new altar.  But……because of discouragement, they stall.  They stall big time.  For 16 more years, the temple remained untouched.

Here are some questions to consider as prepare for the Adult Bible Study and for worship:

  1. How can we miss God’s promise, when we linger in the past?
  1. Read page 266 and list the reasons why the temple work had ceased.  When the Israelites were weary, how did their priorities change?
  1. Are their areas of your spiritual walk that have stalled?

ZION CONCERT…………..Concordia University-Portland’s Wind Ensemble will be at Zion Lutheran tomorrow, April 1st at 7:00 pm.  Admission is FREE.  A free-will offering will be received.