HEALING……..This Sunday we will be reading about a significant moment of healing in Jesus’ ministry.  John 11 records the raising of Lazarus from death in a little town named Bethany.  The restoration of Lazarus takes place just a few days before Jesus enters Jerusalem.  The large crowds that meet Jesus in Jerusalem are filled with people from Bethany who had just seen Lazarus raised from death.  This full healing made an impact.

Does healing still play a role in Jesus’ church?  I hope your answer is yes!  The first Sunday of the month at 9 A.M. in the sanctuary Peace sets aside for a Healing Service.  It is during this time that the pastor and elders anoint those who need healing with oil and cover them in prayer.  In a tangible way we are affirming that healing still plays a major part in Jesus’ church.  You are all welcome to attend this Sunday.  We are all in need of healing in some way!

I would also like to point out that many of you have taken Peace’s healing ministry out into the community–thank you!  Some of you have brought friends to church for special prayer and encouragement from God’s Word.  Others of you have journeyed out to friend’s homes and have delivered meals.  Both of these examples I saw happen this week.

It is super important that we do more than just read and think about Jesus’ work in the healing of Lazarus.  Let us all go to work and affirm that Jesus’ healing work happens today through his people to those who are hurting!

PEACE PROGRESS……….The April newsletter is now available.  Hard copies are available and are located in the narthex.  You can also access the newsletter on line on the church website.  April is a very busy month–everything that you need to know about Salmon and Jazz, Easter activities, the blood drive and the LWML Zone Rally is located in the newsletter.

CHURCH CLEANING………The date for cleaning the inside and outside of the church is Saturday, April 8.  Some of the work will be light work.  Some work will require extra effort.  Either way, there is something that each person can contribute!