POTATOES…….Today I am sharing with you the benefits of potatoes.  I promise you that Oscar has not put me up to this!

Potatoes do have amazing attributes.  They are a valuable vegetable as they can be harvested throughout the year.  Potatoes can be prepared many different ways: mashed, baked, or roasted.  Potatoes provide excellent nutrients–check with Oscar for more details!

I’m plugging potatoes for another reason, though.  They will serve as the main course during fellowship on Sunday (after worship).  Thanks to Bob and Kay we will be having a baked potato bar with all of the fixings!  This would be a great opportunity to attend fellowship if you haven’t already.  Donations collected will go to support Camp Lutherwood.

Counselors from Camp Lutherwood will be visiting and sharing more about their ministries.  Camp Lutherwood provides experiences that bring people into a deeper awareness and connection with God, self, neighbor, the community and the earth.  For more detailed information on the Camp check out their website at www.lutherwood.org.

MEN’S BREAKFAST…………This Saturday the men are gathering for breakfast.  Breakfast begins at 8:30 am.  Our discussion will be focused on the recent aggression shown by ISIS in the middle east.  What should the response of our country be?  How should Christians respond?  If you are planning on attending, do let Oscar know as we will need to get an accurate egg count.

PHILOMATH FOOD BANK……..The black bin at church is ready to be filled with food!  When you are shopping, be sure to look for the two for one deals and think about contributing.  Thanks for your consideration!

CONFLICT HOMEWORK………Yes, I said homework.  This week in the adult class we will be looking at Bill Graybill’s discussion on anger in chapter 5.  Take some time to prepare for class by looking at pages 86-87 in Resolving Conflict God’s Way.

TIME CHANGE………..Don’t forget to jump ahead this Saturday night!