SELF-CONTROL………..I never really like it when someone tells me that I have to do something.  When I hear those words, “I have to”, there is something inside of me that begins to resist.  I am learning too that as a parent it isn’t always effective to encourage my children with have to statements.

Jesus knew this well.  Jesus did not teach his disciples by saying “you have to be like me” or “you have to be better than you have been”.  Jesus lived and taught by grace.  It is by this grace that we can then practice self-control.

George Gallup Jr. once admitted to a friend that he was an alcoholic and how Jesus’ grace helped him through his addiction.  He once said, “When I took my first drink, it affected me differently than most people.  I couldn’t stop.  Even as a Christian, I tried and tried, and I couldn’t lick it.  Then one day I heard Jesus whisper, ‘George, if you never figure this out, it is okay.  I already died for this.’  And I haven’t taken a drink in thirty years.”

Gallup’s story is powerful.  What I am appreciating today about his experience is that his self-control did not begin by simply his own power, but through Jesus’ gift of grace.

Jesus says these same words to each one of us.  It is great to be loved in such a way.

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME………Remember to move your clocks forward one hour as you go to bed Saturday night.  If you don’t, you will be late to church!

LENTEN BANNER DEDICATION…………Peace was blessed with a gift of a new Lenten banner.  It reads, “By Jesus’ blood we are redeemed”.  The banner is to be dedicated to the memory of Emil and Inga Hahn (grandparents of Dale Hahn and Jan (Hahn) Lane), and Walter and Eunice Hahn (parents of Dale and Jan).  Both couples were charter members of Peace in the 1950’s.  We will be dedicating the banner this Sunday during worship.

PRAYER REQUEST………Warren S had a little stumble this last weekend.  He is at home and recovering well.  Addie has asked that the Peace family keep him in prayer.