WINNING…………I love winning!  Who doesn’t?  You can see my competitive side in a tight game of Scrabble.  Yes, I’ll argue into the wee hours of the night to defend adjectives that I’ve heard used before, but simply do not exist in the dictionary.  You can see my competitive spirit too at play in sports.  If it is a close game, my senses are heightened and I admit, I can get intense.

I suppose that we all learn how to win at an early age–perhaps kindergarten.  It is the student that gets the right answer to the question, that gets the teacher’s attention!  Wanting to win stays with us well into adulthood.

Paul suggests that there is something greater than winning in his words to the Corinthians:  “What, after all, is Apollos?  And what is Paul?  Only servants, through whom you came to believe–as the Lord has assigned to each his task.  I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow…………The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose…….”  

Paul, the Corinthians, and perhaps Apollos were caught up in an argument that each wanted to win. Paul directs the conversation away from who is the winner and to their collective, united purpose.

This Sunday is Pentecost.  This is the day the Holy Spirit came upon the church and united all in one purpose:  To make God known in the world!  Winning took second place to united purpose.

May that be a reminder too for us this Sunday.  Winning is good.  Having a united purpose to make God known, through Jesus, is even better!

Wear red this Sunday!


FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN………..Thank you to everyone who participated and prayed!  Last weekend’s mobile food pack event was a huge success.  The bare numbers bear this out:  108,000 meals prepared, 500 volunteers, and numerous donors who contributed a collective $20,000 plus dollars.  With God’s help…..hunger has been hit a big blow.

LOUISE UPDATE…………Louise is still in the hospital at Good Samaritan.  She is communicative and open for visits.  Continue to pray for her during this time.

TRUE VALUE GRAND OPENING……..Check the True Value’s grand opening tomorrow (Friday) at 6 pm.

ADULT STUDY.…………We will be taking a look at Chapter 25 from The Story, titled:  Son of God.  Prepare ahead of time as we consider the following:  Jesus said we must “deny ourselves” and “take up our cross;” and if we seek to save our lives we will lose them.  What are the implications of these commands for your life, such as marriage, parenting and career ambitions? We’ll meet at 9:45 in the sanctuary.