MEMORIAL DAY……………I was reminded this week that Memorial Day was not originally named Memorial Day, but rather Decoration Day.  Decoration Day was intended to be a day in which the graves of the those who died in the United States Civil War were to be decorated with flowers.  By doing so, each person in the country was reminded of the high cost of war.

Don’t let this weekend go by without thinking about the high cost of war.  Perhaps war is something that has touched you?  Maybe it has touched someone that you personally know.  Maybe it hasn’t touched you at all?  Whatever the case may be, we can all agree on the damaging impact of war.

War too in our relationships is costly.  And there is usually a specific reason behind the battle.  James says, “What causes fights and quarrels among you?  Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?  You want something but you cannot get it.”

James’ words are well said and down to earth.  We tend to think that the cause of war is found inside the heart and motivations of the other person.  The cause, however, is likely within us.  We want something so badly, we’ll do anything to get it.  How can we take a step back and examine our own motives?  We will be talking more about that this weekend–our desire and (God’s desire, too) is that we be at peace with all.

SONG SUGGESTION BOX…………..Throughout the summer, you have the opportunity to participate in the choosing of one hymn each Sunday.  Simply select the hymn you want sung by filling out a Song Selection paper and place into the Song Selection Box.  Colleen and I will then select one hymn/song each week from the box for the worship service.

VISITING LOUISE.…………..I strongly encourage you to visit Louise soon as she will likely be transported to Vancouver, WA early next week.  She is very open to having visitors and Sunday is her 80th birthday!  You may want to come and read a devotion to her.  She is located in the Mennonite Village in Albany.  The address for the Mennonite Village is 5353 Columbus St. SE, Albany, OR.  The most direct route from Corvallis is to take Highway 34 and then take a left onto Columbus (Columbus is the last left you can take before I-5).  MV is well marked on your right hand side.  Louise is close to the main, front entrance in room 2.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL……….We are covering a lot of material in Chapter 29 from The Story.  Pay close attention to pages 424-425.  What problem seems to be at the root of the divisions and quarrels in the Church at Corinth?  Do you see any lessons here for our church.  We will gather at 9:45 in the sanctuary.