DUANE’S FUNDRAISER.………Duane Hellesto gave a great announcement at church last Sunday inviting everyone to a meal after church this Sunday (May 7th).  In case you missed it, here are the details from May’s newsletter.

“Duane Hellesto will be serving at Mission Springs Frontier Ranch in beautiful Scotts Valley, California this summer.  He will serve alongside other passionate staff from all over the country bringing the Good News of Jesus to hundreds of kids.  Duane is excited to pursue this new ministry opportunity and he would appreciate support prayer and financial gifts.  The total cost of this upcoming summer will come to around $1,000.  Duane has orchestrated a dinner to help raise this support.  Feel free to come and ask Duane questions as you enjoy a meal; give as you feel led.”

This means that there is no need to bring food for Sunday’s potluck.  Enjoy the meal and give to this great cause.

NEW BIBLE STUDY…………..This Sunday we are beginning a new series titled “Understanding Mental Health” during the adult Sunday School hour.  Our particular focus will be on suicide awareness.  There is something that each one of us can do to help in this very relevant topic in our community.  Come and invite a friend for what will be a very informative and uplifting discussion.  Our special guest will be Anne Schuster,  Anne serves as a Benton County Commissioner.  She will be making reference to a new Phone App. that is available.  This is your opportunity to bring your smart phone to church and use it in a way to bring peace to the community.

CORRECTIONS………….I wanted to let everyone know of the final totals from last week’s events.

BLOOD DRIVE…………Carolyn Leeper, Account Manager at the American Red Cross, emailed the church stating, “I wanted to send a note to thank you for all your hard work on the blood drive last week.  The team collected 38 units of blood on a goal of 35 so that is outstanding.  Every unit of blood has the potential to save three lives.  Because of your ongoing dedication to this lifesaving mission we have impacted 114 lives and for that I thank you.”

SALMON AND JAZZ……….I announced at church last Sunday an incorrect amount collected at Salmon and Jazz.  I shared that $7,000 was collected.  The actual amount was quite a bit more.  This year’s Salmon and Jazz event collect over $12,000!  The amount was well above previous years and most importantly, goes to support youth programs in Philomath.  Thank you to all for the contributions and wonderful attendance!