HOSPITALITY.…………I thought I would share my morning devotion with you, it is based on I Peter 4:9, “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”

Every house hunter or renovator on HGTV at some point during the show exclaims something like, “Now I can see myself entertaining here!”  Or “This backyard would be great for having friends over for barbecuing!”  Apparently everyone wants to entertain, but they’re just one major move away from actually pulling it off.
In the Scripture, hospitality appears in the form of a command, not a suggestion.  “Don not forget to show hospitality” (Hebrews 13:2).  Whether we live in an apartment or house, whether it needs to be remodeled or is brand new, God expects us to share it willingly and cheerfully with others.

Jesus doesn’t want you to wait until your house is perfect before you open it up and share it with others.

This was a very timely devotion to me.  I tend to wait to show God’s love until circumstances would be most convenient for me.  But God clearly commands that we be ready at all times to share God’s grace, mercy and our own possessions with our neighbors.

We are going to be talking more about the Biblical teaching of stewardship this Sunday at adult Bible Study.  Come and share your thoughts–join in the discussion.  We begin at 9:45 in the sanctuary.

HOSPITALITY PART 2………….This Saturday, November 13th is Peace’s Holiday Craft Bazaar.  Proceeds go to local charities–can’t beat that!  The event is held in the fellowship hall from 9 am to 3 pm.  You will find unique gits like gift baskets, baked goods, OSU items, homemade soups and crafts.  Thank you ladies guild and all others who make this even possible.

MITEBOX SUNDAY…………….We are collecting miteboxes during Sunday’s offering.  The monies that are collected go to mission ministries.

HOLIDAY CHEER………….Through Holiday Cheer, Philomath Community Services provides hygiene baskets and gifts for children aged 0-18 years in families of need.  Our goal at Peace is to complete 2 hygiene baskets this year.  We need to accomplish this by December 9th!  Items in the kit include:

1–laundry basket                                         1–liquid laundry detergent

1–dish soap (sink not matching)              2–hand soap (bar)

1–hair shampoo                                           1–hair conditioner

1–hand lotion                                               1–tooth paste

1–dental floss                                              4–toothbrushes

2–men’s deodorant                                    2–women’s dordorant

1–pack razors (dozen)                               1–pack toilet paper (6 rolls)

2–roll paper towels

The Peace family is one of the main leaders in the community in this special project.  Lets do the best we can!