POWER OF ONE……………..One person can make a difference.  You can be that person.

John Woolman was an American Quaker who lived in the 1700’s.  During Woolman’s lifetime, many Quakers were wealthy, conservative slave owners.  Woolman dedicated his adult life to eliminating the practice of slavery among his Quaker friends.

All Woolman did was visit his friends.  He spent more than twenty years visiting Quakers along the East Coast.  His approach was not to criticize or make them angry.  He simply asked question like this, “What does it mean it mean to own a slave?”  Woolman had a vision and it drove him to visit farm after farm.

The result of Woolman’s work was startling.  By 1770, a full century before the Civil War, not one Quaker owned a slave.

Woolman believed in a cause so deeply that he was willing to suffer, endure and risk.

You too can make a difference!  Let’s talk about this some more this weekend at worship.

PHILOMATH VIDEO………….. Check out a new promotional video done by Philomath’s Chamber of Commerce.  You can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTIZuPMS3lU.  Or you can simply go to youtube.com and do a search under “Philomath You’re Home”.  Dr. Johnson is mentioned in the video.  Try and see if you can find the pastor’s wife–she is in the video somewhere.

SCHULZE BIBLE STUDY……….This Thursday (November 13) the Schulze are hosting a Bible Study in their home.  We are taking a look at some early letters that were written by or about Christians.  Come and enjoy!

PHILOMATH FOOD BANK………..Last week we collected 17 pounds of food for the Philomath Food Bank.  Our bin to collect food can be found in the narthex right by the doors to enter the sanctuary.  As the cold sets in and Thanksgiving is around the corner, consider 2 for 1 deals at the store and bring the extra one to Peace.  The Food Bank is also accepting cash donations as they do have a need to buy particular items in a timely way.