HOLIDAY CHEER………………Philomath Community Services needs the Peace family’s help. Each year, through the Holiday Cheer program, PCS provides hygiene baskets for children aged 0-18 years to families in need.  The items for these baskets would need to collected in the narthex (the black bin labelled “Philomath Food Bank”) of the church by Wednesday, December 9th.

We can do this.  In fact, a good goal would be for us to complete 2 hygiene baskets.  The contents of the hygiene baskets include:

1–sturdy laundry basket

1–dish soap (sink not machine)

1–hair shampoo

1–hand lotion

1–dental floss

2–men’s deodorant

1–pack razors (dozen)

2–roll paper towels

1–liquid laundry detergent

2–hand soap (bar)

1–hair conditioner



2–women’s deodorant

1–pack toilet paper (6 rolls)

It is one thing to be thankful as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.  It is a whole other thing to be both thankful and generous.  I would like to encourage each person at Peace to take that extra step this year.  Look for 2 for 1 deals or coupons to purchase these items and bring them to the church.  Thank you for your consideration!

FROM SHEPHERD TO KING…………..We are reading and discussing chapter 11 from The Story: From Shepherd to King (pages 145 to 160).  Participation and discussion has been great so for this year–thank you for reading ahead and bringing your thoughts and questions for the adult Bible Study hour.  As you read chapter 11, consider these question:

  1. Think of a time when jealousy has somehow overtaken you.  How can focusing on the Upper Story help conquer these feelings?
  1.  “The Lord does not look at the things human beings look at.  People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (pg. 145).  What words or acts of encouragement can you offer today to others (from family to strangers) based on God’s view of them?

WHAT IS NEXT?…………….Remember that for the season of Advent we will be taking a break from The Story (we will pick up where we left off with chapter 12 on December 27th).  In the meantime, our focus turns to Advent and preparing our hearts for Jesus’ coming.  We are starting a conspiracy–an Advent Conspiracy as we seek to get the Christian message both right and relevant.  Our Adult Sunday School class will be discussing The Wired Word article for each week.  Look for the Wired Word topic in your email each Friday as you prepare for the discussion.