TIMING IS EVERYTHING…………An apple is best when it is picked at the exact right moment.  Those who are experts will know to the precise week of the year, even to the day, when that moment has arrived.  If you pick too early, the apple does not come off of the tree too easily and may be a bit sour.  If you pick the apple too late, the fruit is not as tasty and the texture less appetizing.  Greg Finke writes about this truth well in his book, Joining Jesus on His Mission–a great read and one that I highly suggest.

Sharing our faith happens in a similar way.  We patiently wait, pray and examine for the right moment to share our faith and reason for joy with someone.  Too early……..and they may not listen.  Too late……….they not only might not listen, but may question whether we even care.

When do you think someone is ripe for God’s Word, God’s grace, mercy and love?  It really depends upon the person and their circumstance.  Each person ripens at their own pace.  God trusts us with our own reasoning abilities and the help of the Holy Spirit to gage when that right time has come.  Yet….there are some skills that we can hone as we seek the right time:  listening, patience and prayer.

I am thankful for your partnership in harvesting.  The Lord truly blesses us with great opportunities!

MOVIE AND FAMILY NIGHT……….This Friday night is family night.  Dinner will be at 6:00 pm.  I will pick up the pizza; please bring a drink for yourself and family and a side dish to share.  We will start the movie shortly after dinner.  The movie is Faith Like Potatoes.  The rating is PG.  It details the story of farmer who moves his family to South Africa and suffers a series of losses.  Through it all, his faith endures and grows.

THANKSGIVING EVE WORSHIP………It is coming next week!  Thanksgiving Eve Worship is on Wednesday, November 26th at 7:00 pm.  Come for a time to share God’s blessings in our lives, pray and sing His praises!