HAPPY THANKSGIVING…………..Come tomorrow night (Wednesday at 7 pm) for Peace’s Thanksgiving Eve worship service.  This is a more laid back time dedicated for prayer, Scripture reading and song.  I am titling part of the service, “God provided for me when………..”  The purpose of this time is to share with one another the ways in which we have recognized God’s providence.  God has indeed been good to us this year!

One of the more popular traditional Thanksgiving Day hymns is “Now Thank We All our God”.  I just read this morning of the song’s history.  The hymn was written in 1637 by Pastor Rinkart in the German town of Eilenburg.  This was a difficult year for the town as famine and disease decimated the town.  During 1637, Rinkart conducted the funerals for up to 50 people a day, including the funeral of his wife.  In this one year, nearly 4,500 residents of the town died of disease.  Surrounded by catastrophe, Rinkart penned the words,

Now thank we all our God with hearts and hands and voices;

Who wondrous things hath done, in whom this world rejoices.

Who, from our mother’s arms, hath led us on our way,

With countless gifts of love, and still is ours today.

What I learned from my devotion today was this:  No matter what struggles or problems we face, we can still sing with joy, “Now thank we all our God”.

Over the next days let us also think about ways that we can give back.  Here are a couple of options.

  1. Vina Moses Christmas Program.  The tree has arrived and has 40 tags hanging to be te taken.  It is a simple way to give back to those in need in our community.  Select a tag.  Purchase a gift (See the Christmas gift suggestion sheet on the tree).  Place the gift unwrapped under the tree no later than December 13th.


  1. Holiday Cheer.  Peace has been challenged to complete 2 hygiene baskets for Philomath Community Services Holiday Cheer program.  Someone from Holiday Cheer will collect the items starting December 5th (you can bring your donations to the bins in Peace’s narthex) or the items can be brought to PCS up through December 9th.  Hygiene baskets contain:


1–sturdy laundry basket                                1–liquid laundry detergent

1–dish soap                                                 2–hand soap (bar)

1–hair shampoo                                            1–hair conditioner

1–hand lotion                                                1–tooth paste

1–dental floss                                               4–toothbrushes

2–men’s deodorant                                         2–women’s deodorant

1–pack razors (dozen)                                    1–pack toilet paper (6 rolls)

2–roll paper towels


ADVENT STARTS SUNDAY………….Our special Advent journey to Christmas begins this Sunday at our 11:00 am worship.  Advent is the time in the church year that we prepare for our greatest guest–the Lord Jesus.  We will be setting aside time in each service for the lighting of the Advent wreath while we sing, “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel”.

This Sunday will be extra special as Pastor Norm Metzler leads in worship and shares the message.  What a blessing it will be to have Pastor Norm and Mary back.  I will be away this weekend in Spokane attending the funeral of my grandmother. and will then return Tuesday, November 29th.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY…………We are discussing chapter 11 of the book Believe this Sunday.  Be sure to be prepared for discussion by reading pages 175 to 191.  Chapter 11 is an important turning point in the book.  We are leaving behind the first 10 chapters that discussed  what a Christian “thinks”.  Chapter 11 begins study about what a Christian should do.  The frist thing to do is to worship.  We will begin at 9:45 in the fellowship hall.

ROTARY.………..Come and have lunch with the Philomath Rotary next Tuesday.  Our very own Oscar Gutbrod will be giving the presentation, “From Pollen to Grench Fries”.  It will cover potato breeding in the Northwest.

ADVENT MIDWEEK…………Next Wednesday (November 30th at 7 pm) we will begin our midweek Advent worship services.  We will also worship together on December 7th and 14th at 7 pm.  The order of worship will be Marty Haugen’s Holden Evening Prayer.  This is a meditative, prayerful time as we further prepare and wait for the Lord’s birth.