THANKS IN ACTION……….We are having our Thanksgiving Eve worship service at Peace tomorrow night at 7 pm.  It will be a great opportunity to offer thanks in action! Bring some food for the Philomath Food Bank placing it in the black bin.  Share during worship about the blessings God has and is giving you.  Mention to someone how much you appreciate the Lord’s work in their life.  Thank in action.

If you can’t attend tomorrow night, I encourage you to thank in action in whatever way you can.

What keeps us from giving thanks?  Our challenge is not a lack of knowledge.  Our challenge typically comes from a lack of action.

Consider Luke 17.  Jesus cleanses ten lepers on his way to Jerusalem.  Only one comes back–a Samaritan–to say thanks.  The thanks is expressed in action:  One…….came back, praising God in a loud voice.  He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him.”  I think the other nine intellectually knew that they had received a good gift from Jesus.  But……what they clearly lacked was thanks in action.

God gives–it is just a part of His nature.  We respond with thanks in action.  Safe travels.  God’s blessings as you spend time with family!

VINA MOSES TREE…………is up at Peace.  The Vina Moses Tree helps needy local children who would have no presents under the tree without this opportunity. Pick an “ornament” on the tree which gives details about a youth or family, buy the presents and then return the presents wrapped or unwrapped to Peace under the tree.  Vina Moses will be picking up the presents on December 15th.

PHILOMATH COMMUNITY SERVICES OPPORTUNITY……..Board positions are open for PCS.  PCS includes June’s Kids Kloset and Food Bank.  Contact Pastor Lucke if you have an interest in serving.